Managing Your Checking Account

As a credit union member, we want to help you maintain your checking account and avoid making costly mistakes. In this chapter, we'll go over checking accounts and teach you how to keep your account in good standing.

Unit 1:  Choosing a Checking Account

A checking account will enable you to pay your bills and help you to track and manage your expenses. It's important you understand what is included with your account and how to use your account properly.

Download PDF: Choosing a Checking Account

Using Debit Cards

When you open a checking account you will be given a debit card for purchases.  Debit cards give you flexibility when it comes to paying for purchases.  Traditional ATM cards only allow you to withdraw cash or perform other transactions at an automated teller machine. With a debit card money is taken directly from your account, immediately paying for an item. There's no "pay later" option with debit cards, so monitor your account balance. 

Debit cards at a glance

  • Money is deducted directly from checking account.
  • PIN-based cards provide protection against identity theft.
  • Liability if it's stolen: $50 if you notify credit union within two days; $500 if you notify credit union after two days.
  • Be careful not to overdraw your checking account.